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      Hello, I am level 52 and can not figure out how to unlock the daily quests in Capheon, I have completed all quests in town except 2 that dont seem to be important (New Menu and The Amazing Medicinal Herb) and want to know if there is a certain thing that is required in order for these quests to appear. Thanks 🙂

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      I didn’t notice any pre-requirements when I first started doing these quests. They were always unlocked for me straight away. However, I did log onto a friends account it seems some NPCs don’t have quests! I’ve heard that there are some Calpheon quests you need to do first which unlock the Calpheon dailies in the guide but I’m not sure which ones. I did follow most/all story line quests up to around level 30 and I remember taking 2 quests in Calpheon which where near the Food Merchant. I’ll try to find out how to unlock them, if anyone has any information at all they should post it here!

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