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      This website and forum needs more love imo (and definitely more advertising to the reddit community etc…)

      There are some nice guides here (and some that need a little spring cleaning/editing) and some decent people running it and what BDO really really needs is a centralised information point (rather than hours spent googling to find everything you need)

      Forums could do with a little pruning, drop the KR/JP etc… subsections, concentrate more on the guides ( and imo put them inside the forum rather than on an open front page) to push for a little more interaction (could leave links on front page for access to funnel to the forum)

      Lets try and get this as a centralised info point for EU (and ok NA as well I guess for our american cousins)

      just my 2p, 2euro, 2cents etc… 😀

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      I can see your point about bringing the guided here to facilitate interactions on the forum.

      Perhaps as Rage3D.com does in regards to the news content on the front page is interlinked with a forums topic to collectively do that.

      Guides/Content needs to still be servicing the front page of the site (home), else the site would look dead on face value.

      Not to sure on what the metrics are in concern with the more eastern orientated elements/sections of the site and forum and how viable it is to continue to manage them (numbers of people who moderate on here etc ).

      Then there is the overall content management,  so as not to be left behind: how many content managers are there in place for  each language.  Same goes for moderation.

      Moderation of forums,  in part can do well with 1 to 2 formal leads and a handful or so volunteer moderators to manage things.  Similarly with generating guide content and managing and localising those to other respective languages.

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