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      hi! pls help me im experiencing a problem on my lvl 32 tamer about the sprint/dash attack (w+shift+LMB / (while weapon sheathed) tab + LMB,

      a while ago i can do this continuously and it is fast, but now it became slow and if i release the shift button it stops the skill and do normal attacks, and the tab +LMB do 2 fast dash and after that i cancels and do normal attacks, why did that happened?, i checked and created new tamer character then i do the same skill and it works but not for my lvl 32 tamer. pls help me why did this happened..

      thank you

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      Hi 🙂

      Which region are you currently playing on? Tamer had some adjustments a while ago which completely nerfed the dash. There was a delay between each one so it couldn’t be spammed like before. For a while, people found that only new/low level Tamers were able to dash quickly (not sure why) while higher levels would dash slower. If you’re playing on the Korean region then they recently adjusted it again, it does take up a lot more stamina than before, and you need a lot of stamina to do it for a long time. Hold W + Shift then spam LMB (while in combat stance). You can’t release the shift button and with low stamina it will cause you to do 2 normal attacks, but with a bit of practice and leveling your stamina, you can get quite far with the dash.

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