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Hi =)
As this topic is “Map suggestion” I will post mine here.

What I have in mind is to go a little further than Glucente’s idea, it would be to be able to save personal notes on existing nodes (kind of Glucente’s suggestion) and more than that, being able to add personnal markers to the map (with the sharing function) and save them on our BDFoundry account, with a link on our account profile for example to get into it (the “Map” menu would still open a clean non user-edited map like atm), and even to share it.
The personnal mark, when created, would contain the following: name of the mark, category (“Mining”, “Gathering”, “Fishing”, etc with every job and an “Other” category), and a short description.
In the map ui, it would add a (little) panel listing our personal markers, with a research field in case we add a lot of markers.

This feature could be really nice and imo would enhance your map quality more than it already is!