Dark Mode (BETA):

The node calculator isn’t working.  So when I was in game, it was my experience that you could choose a farm node, instead of a travel/adventure node in the same area and still get the connection. In game the nodes seem to work more on a radiating circle rather than a point to point line system as your map is set up as.  While I understand that the radiating circle connection system is complex and unusual navigation system for a map, I still think that if you can’t get it to accurately or a close approximation of what is/happens or represents what is in game, it probably shouldn’t be a feature yet.

As it is now, it doesn’t give even a close approximation to the number of nodes needed to connect to each other as it is requiring nodes that are not needed, as an example Wiel Farm just outside of olvia, your showing that it takes 2 contribution point to connect it, 1 for the purple connection node and 1 for the farm, but this is not my experience in game, it only took one to connect olvia to the Wiel Farm directly, and that farm node could be used in place of the purple connection node.


Other than that great work on the map, and it has been an amazing tool to help plan and explore in game!!