Cron Stone Energy guide

Cron Stone Energy guide

Aug 18 Tansie  
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*Currently unavailable in EU/NA*

Cron Stone Energy can be added to your gear for additional effects. The gear must be TRI, TET or PEN to put Cron Stone Energy onto it. 

You can add Cron Stone Energy to an item by summoning the Black Spirit and opening the Enhancement menu, or right-clicking Cron Stones in your inventory. Then select the gear you would like to add the Cron Stone Energy to, and check the box that says “Add Cron Stone Energy”. 

There are 2 methods of adding Cron Stone Energy:
  1. Using Cron Stones to protect your gear when enhancing
    • When you enhance your gear, you can choose whether or not to protect the item from degrading, by using cron stones. If the item fails to enhance, it will add 1 energy to the item. If it is sucessful, the gear will enhance to the next level, but you will lose the energy you have accumilated. 
  2. Adding Cron Stone Energy seperately
    • You can add Cron Stone Energy to an item at any time by simply sacrificing the required Cron Stones. You will randomly get between 1 – 3 energy each time you use this method.

The amount of Cron Stones you need depends on the maximum price value of your item. To calculate the amount you will need, round the maximum price up to the nearest million. Divide the number by 100,000,000 then multiply by 20.

For example, if the item’s max price is 4,94,197,440 silver. You round it up to 4,965,000,000 then divide by 100,000,00 which will give you 49.65. Times this by 20 and it will tell you that you will need approximately 993 Cron Stones for each attempt.

In the example above, you can also see the Cron Stone Energy progress:
  1. This is how much Cron Stone Energy you currently have on the item.
  2. This shows what effect the Energy is giving you. Here it says “Attack +2”.
  3. This shows the milestones for each level. The number across the top is the level and the bottom number is how much energy you need to get to the next level.

There are a total of 4 levels on each item that you must surpass to add stats to the gear:

Level Mainhand Effects Offhand Effects Armor Effects
1 AP +1 Accuracy +4 HP +10
2 AP +2 Accuracy +4, HP +10 HP +10, Evasion +1
3 AP +3 Accuracy +4, HP +10, MP +10 HP +10, Evasion +1, Damage Reduction +1
4 AP +4 Accuracy +4, HP +10, MP +10, Evasion +1 HP +10, Evasion +2, Damage Reduction +1

Enhancement Level Cron Stone Energy Required per Level
TRI 2, 5, 9, 15
TET 3, 8, 16, 30
PEN 5, 13, 27, 50

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