Black Spirit Adventure Part II Guide

Black Spirit Adventure Part II Guide

Jun 29 Tansie  
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The Black Spirit Adventure Part II board game was added to KOREA on 29th June 2017. It is not currently available on any other client.

The Black Spirit Adventure is a mini board game where you travel around Balenos and obtain various items as you play.

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How to get started

The Black Spirit Adventure Part II can be used by anyone and there are no requirements to play. You simply press ESC to bring up the main menu, then select “Black Spirit Adventure 2” from the list. The old Black Spirit Adventure board game is still available and you can play both separately.

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What you need to know

The board game is not difficult to understand and once you’ve played a few times you should pick it up. But knowing a few terms and explanations is a big help.


Black icons on the screen show how much it costs to move to each node.

Each time you move one spot from your current position, it will cost 1 energy.

Your energy will refill by 1 energy every hour and  can be stacked up to three.

However, you can only use a maximum of 10 energy per day.


Battle is one of the events you can choose from when you reach a node.

If you choose combat, a monster will appear.

You must roll the dice and if you successfully defeat the monster you will win and receive an item.


Gathering is an event you can choose when you reach a node. You will gather at the node and have a chance to collect one of several available items.


Exploration is an event you can choose when you reach a node.

You can receive an item or it may trigger another event. If you are lucky you may collect the combat card!


Picking Excavation can give you better items than other events, but it is more risky.


Rest can only be selected at a village.  Whilst there, your energy will recover twice as quickly.

In addition, it’s useful to know that you can click the question mark (?) on the left side of the board at any time. If you get stuck or want to see a more detailed explanation, click the question mark!

Playing the game

Now that you know the basics you can get started. Choose which node you would like to travel to and an action menu will appear at the node you select. Here you can pick which event you would like.

Black Elements Adventure 2 4.png

The icon displayed at each node represents the item that can be obtained at the node. 

Combat Event

Note that when you choose the Combat, the screen switches to the combat event. In the bottom right, you will see a dice you can roll. If you have collected one, your combat card will be shown on the left and can be used.

The difficulty of the combat event will scale to your Black Spirit’s level and the probability of obtaining a better item will also increase.

Black Elements Adventure 2 5.png

Exploration Event

When exploring, one of three things can happen at random: collect an item, combat, or other event.
There are a variety of items you can obtain, such as combat cards which are required for the combat event. You can also get cards that increase your chances of better items in combat event, such as the “Good Luck Charm” card.

Black Elements Adventure 2 6.png

Excavation Event

Finally, at in excavation event, there is a higher chance of getting better items than in other events. However, all the other nodes will have a waiting time until they can be used again, so remember this when choose the Excavation Event. Now start digging for the treasure!

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