Militia System Guide


Militia System Guide

What is the Militia system?

The Militia system was added to KOREA on the 8th June 2017 and is currently unavailable on EU/NA.

The Militia system allows players who are not involved in a Conquest War to participate. You can choose to either attack or defend and help to influence victory or defeat.

How do I join the Militia?

To join, press ESC to go to the main menu, then choose Militia. Here you can choose what you would like to participate in.

Militia 1.png

There are a few rules and requirements needed to join the Militia:
  • You must be in a guild.
  • A maximum of 10 people can apply from the same guild.
  • A maximum of 50 people can join on each side to attack/defend (100 total per territory).
  • If your guild owns a node in the associated area (Calpheon, Mediah, Valencia) they can only defend.
  • If there are only defending guilds, you can only participate on the attacking side with a total of 100 attackers.
  • You can only apply between 19:00 – 19:45 on Saturday, before the war takes place (at 20:00 to 00:00). At the end of applications, you will be told whether you are accepted to participate. Participants are selected randomly.
  • You can only apply on 1 channel (Calpheon 1, Mediah 1, Valencia 1).
  • If less than 50 people apply, the militia will not take part in the war.
  • If you cancel your application you cannot reapply.

Additional Rules:
  • If the defending guild has owned the territory for 2 weeks, an additional 10 players can participate in the attacking Militia
  • If the defending guild has owned the territory for 3 weeks, an additional 20 players can participate in the attacking Militia
  • If the defending guild has owned the territory for 4 weeks, an additional 30 players can participate in the attacking Militia

What do I do as the Militia?

If you have been selected to join the Militia, your character’s name, family name and guild name will all be hidden. Your name will be changed to <Militia Attacker> or <Militia Defender> and you will have a special icon above your head to display which side you are on.

Militia 2.png
Militia 3.png

The Militia does not participate for the full war and will only join for the first 2 hours. Militia can only resurrect at the nearest node or village and cannot resurrect at a command post. If you are on the defending side and you die close by, you can resurrect outside the castle. 

The attacking Militia and attacking guild are considered to be on the same team and are unable to attack each other. Same rules apply for the defending guild and defending Militia. If a Militia member activates PK they are unable to attack, but can be attacked by other players. Karma will not drop during the conquest war even if you PK another player.

Players participating in the Militia will also be able to communicate using the Militia chat. 

What rewards do I get for participating?

Victory conditions:
  • Attacking – Destroy the command post of the defending guild
  • Defending – Destroy all command posts of the attacking guilds, or defend the command post successfully for 2 hours.
If your side wins, 20 million silver will be added to your guild funds for each member participating.

Each member of the winning Militia will also receive personal rewards:
  • 1,000 guild activity points
  • 1,000,000 silver

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